It all started in High School!

I lived down the street from Carl and we rode the same bus. I had a huge crush on Carl and he says he thought I was super cute too! But, we were both too way too shy to act on our feelings back then. The funny thing is I made a wish on my 15th birthday to marry Carl and have a big family!

Even though we lost touch after high school, we reconnected on Facebook in 2009. A few years later we saw each other again in person, and the spark was still there. It was obvious right away that we felt so at home with each other. Carl didn't let me get away this time around and we got married! We both feel we make a great team.

A little about Carl

He is my soulmate, my rock and my best friend. In school, he was always popular and kind. So, it's no surprise that people are still drawn to his easy going and caring energy.

He is my calm in tough times and so fun to be around in good times. My heart melts every time I see him being a big kid with the other little neighborhood kids. He's the fun dad and it's s adorable! I'm so grateful that my wish finally came true.  I feel like the luckiest girl to be married to Carl.

As a side note:  

That's our high school mascot in the picture. Go Knights!

However, there is only one knight in shining armor for me. . . and, that's my hubby, Carl!

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A little background:  Carl and I both grew up living in the U.S., as well as other countries. We speak several languages and love to travel. We often like to use our French, German and Spanish at home to practice with Sophia. We hope to teach our future kids these languages and all about other cultures too.

After living in Virginia and Texas, SoCal is now home. Sandy, our four legged girl, is a sweet 13 year old mixed breed dog and brings so much extra laughter and fun to our home.She is especially good with kids. The four of us, including Sandy, love our family time.

Adventures:  We can hardly wait to hear the excitement and laughter of more little ones on our trips, whether hiking or flying to visit family in other countries! Sophia will be an amazing big sister. She's so caring towards others and already planning how to teach the baby the alphabet! Even Sandy is excited to have a bigger pack to love and protect!

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