Dear Expectant Parent/s:

We would be over the moon grateful if you were to choose us! Your bravery and selfless decision is so inspiring. We'd like your baby to know as much about you, his or her origins and unique story as you're comfortable with. We hope that our story, lifestyle and endless love that we have to share with your baby will speak to you. 

We promise to raise this child in the most nurturing home possible.

We believe in positive reinforcement. 

We promise to have loads of fun and laughter!! 

We believe in having fun and taking advantage of all the good things life has to offer.

We are excited to meet you and to learn more about you! 

We realize you may have a lot to think about. We'd love to help you more by answering any questions you may have about us. Thanks so much for taking the time to consider us!

With Peace, Love and Gratitude,

Natalie and Carl

Carl and Natalie at Crystal Cove