More about me

Home Town:  It's complicated... we grew up living in Virginia and other countries. My folks moved back to Virginia and still live there. 

Siblings:  1 younger sister, Lizzie.  She's been my best friend since the day she was born. We did everything together, and even dressed alike as kids.  She's now married with 2 step children.

College: James Madison University in Virginia - studied Art and Foreign Languages.

Vacations:  Growing up, we spent summers in France and Italy, and cozy winter Holidays skiing with friends and family.

Activities:  I've had a passion for ballet, figure skating, tennis, theater and writing since I was very young. I loved being on stage. I continued as a figure skating and dance coach for 10 years. Even though I don't teach now, I'm still dancing!

Work:  I'm a Marketing Manager for a resort property. Since I can write promotional materials and do Zoom meetings from anywhere, I now work part time from home. It's great because I get to spend more time with family. 

Favorite Things To Do:  When not working, I love to cook or bake up new recipes... bread pudding is a new fave! 

-Watch good movies


-Practice yoga



-Arts & Crafts

-Hang with friends

-Family hikes & bike rides

-Snuggle with my three faves, Carl, Sophia and Sandy.

Angels Baseball Game