A little about me:

Home Town:  It's complicated... I was born in Chicago and grew up in Maryland and other countries, like Natalie. 

Siblings:  1 younger sister, Sandra. My parents adopted her, as a new born, when we lived in Hong Kong. 

Vacations:  Growing up, we spent summers visiting our grandparents and cousins in Chicago and Germany.

College:  DePauw University in Indiana and MBA at Webster University.

Athletics:  In high school and college, I was a skier, I played soccer, volleyball and basketball and ran track and field.

Work:  I feel very lucky that I love my career. I'm in Finance Management for a traffic safety company and often work from home too.

Favorite Things To Do:  

-Being outdoors

-Bike Riding

-Reading a good book

-Following world events

As a family, we take advantage of all that SoCal has to offer:  the parks, the beaches, the mountains and even renting a boat to cruise around with family and friends. There is nothing like being out on the water and sometimes seeing dolphins too! I'm waiting with great anticipation to do all these fun activities with my future kids.

A few things about Natalie:  I feel like I finally have the perfect partner to share my life with, Natalie has a way of making people feel at home with her smile, humor and positive attitude. She also has a huge capacity for love. From the beginning she embraced Sophia as her own and she's the best thing that's happened to me and Sophia. 

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